RDT Reinstatement

If you need to reinstate your Registry after a lapse of two years or more, you will need to submit the following information to NADTA in care of the Registry Committee:

A reinstatement request letter explaining when your Registry lapsed, why you wish to be reinstated, and what you have done to stay current in drama therapy since your lapse. Make sure your letter has complete current contact information included at the very top: your address, phone numbers, and email, so that the Registry committee can contact you if there is need.

  1. The RDT CE (Continuing Education) Form showing a minimum of 30 continuing education hours done in the last two years (see Forms section of website for this form) with documentation attached for the workshops, courses, activities which you are claiming. 
  2. Signed copy of the NADTA Code of Ethics
  3. $100 Reinstatement Fee
  4. Payment of dues in arrears for the past two years (plus the current year if applicable).

Send the above four items to the NADTA office via email to [email protected] or mail the to:

ATTN: Registry Committee (RDT Reinstatement Request)
230 Washington Ave Extension, Suite 101
Albany, NY 12203

Renewal of Registry is contingent upon signing and adhering to the NADTA Code of Ethics, staying current with annual Registry fees which are due by May 1st each year, and remaining in compliance with the Continuing Education Policy.

Membership in the NADTA is included in your registry fee, along with a subscription to the Drama Therapy Review, and access to the Members Forum of NADTA which has the NADTA Directory, archives of Dramascope, and other online benefits.

*If you are an RDT/BCT, dues in arrears must be paid in full (back to your membership expiration date). To learn about this policy, please see ARTICLE IV in the Bylaws.